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PostSubject: Carpentry   Carpentry Icon_minitimeMon Jun 22, 2009 12:15 pm

One of my favorite puzzles.

Before I get started and give you a link. All I can say is:
2.) Plan ahead, but don't take too much time.

Here are your links. (Triga Tiga recommends reading them if you want to get ultimate.)

For the Basics:
Official OOO Carpentry Documents.
Yppedia Carpentry Documents.

For the people who want Legendary/Ultimate:
Hawking's Carpentry Tutorial.
Pudd's Carpentry Tutorial (Video.)

Now Pudd's tutorial brought me from renowned to legendary.
I SERIOUSLY Recommend watching it. (Repeatively if you want.)

Now here are some videos I've some ultimates slugging it out:

Scary Muffin's Carpentry tutorial.
Heibi's Carpentry Video.

If you have any recommendations or things to put up of any sort; post it here or contact me in-game.

~ Trig.
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